3 Days Amboseli National Park Safari

3 Days

Experience a two-night stay at Amboseli National Park and immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenes of majestic elephants indulging in a refreshing bath in the distinctive orange-hued soil, all against the stunning backdrop of the iconic Kilimanjaro.


1. Amboseli National Park


Embark on an early morning journey to Amboseli National Park, where you will check in at your chosen accommodation. The day unfolds at your leisure. Located directly south of Nairobi, Amboseli National Park predominantly features a dry, ancient lakebed and delicate grassland interspersed with patches of acacia woodland. In the southern region, you'll encounter small, rocky, volcanic hills. The vicinity around the swamps, including Old Kenya, Old Tukai, and Enkongo Narok, boasts lush vegetation characterized by yellow-barked acacias and phoenix palms.

Begin your day early to capture stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro before the summit becomes shrouded in clouds. A packed lunch will be provided for your convenience. Following breakfast, you have the option to embark on an optional visit to a Maasai village. This cultural experience offers insight into the daily lives and sacred rituals of the Maasai people, including their traditional singing and dancing. Exploring their homes and social structure provides a poignant and enriching experience.

Despite the changing habitat, Amboseli National Park stands out as one of the premier wildlife areas in Africa for experiencing elephants up close. With the added advantage of being relatively untouched by poachers, witnessing elephants feeding and bathing in the swamps is sure to be a highlight of any safari.

Embark on a morning game drive after breakfast to explore the wildlife in Amboseli. On the final day, enjoy another morning game drive in Amboseli before departing for Nairobi later in the morning. Lunch will be provided en route.

Amboseli National Park

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3 Days Amboseli National Park Safari
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